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A detailed sketch of the proposed outdoor sculpture

The Ivoryton Playhouse has been standing for over 100 years –  even a 60ft tree falling on our doorstep can’t stop us!

After much searching, we have finally found the right artist to create a beautiful, meaningful sculpture out of the stump of the 60ft pine tree that fell during last year’s Hurricane Irene.

Kris Connors, an artist from nearby Clinton, came forward with an amazing concept and beautiful sketches to transform the broken trunk into a stunning piece of art. The piece will be 3ft wide by 9ft high and will feature the history of Ivoryton and themes of live theatre.

The front will be carved into an elegant elephant head framed with a representative of the outside of the Playhouse roof. Finely detailed flowing theatre curtains are draped below and piano keys will also be featured on the bottom. The back, facing the Playhouse, will feature an actor sitting under a tree, script in hand learning his lines. Hundreds of actors over the years used the now fallen pine tree as a quiet, meditative space to learn lines and practice the craft before taking the Ivoryton stage.

The design is just perfect to become a permanent feature on the grounds of the Ivoryton Playhouse. It elegantly brings together all the significant and meaningful elements of the 100 year old building and the history of the village of Ivoryton.

The carving will be treated with a deck/fence wood preservative containing sun, water, mildew and insect protection. This will be reapplied every two years to keep the wood fibers strong and healthy.  The carving will start in November of 2012 and will take around 3 weeks to complete.

Play your part in creating this permanent outdoor sculpture for Ivoryton

The Ivoryton Playhouse is hoping to raise $5,000 to pay for this wonderful addition to our village. Can you help?  Call, click or send a donation to Ivoryton Playhouse, PO Box 458, Ivoryton, CT 06442.  Checks can be made payable to the Ivoryton Playhouse.  Donations can be made on line by clicking on the red DONATE NOW button above.

This custom sculpture will be at the heart of Ivoryton for decades to come and we thank you for contributing to this special one-off project.

About the artist: Kris Connors said about her business, “Custom Wood Carvings & More”, that it ” unintentionally started in 2004 when I bought a chainsaw with a carving set up and began experimenting with large scale wood carvings. Initially, I wanted to do it for my own personal creative outlet with no intention of ever selling anything. Eventually, people began asking me “Hey, can you make this or that?” and the ball has been rolling ever since.”

Thank you for considering a gift to make this transformation happen!

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