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For one night only, Patti Sinclair will be at the historic Ivoryton Playhouse on Saturday May 7th, 2011 at 7pm. A full time medium and spiritual teacher, Patti delivers messages from the spirit world with compassion and humor.

Patti’s first memorable encounter with the ethereal world came in college while on a nine week tour of Europe. Patti recalls, “I thought I was coming unglued. I was seeing things that I knew weren’t really there in the physical world and hearing voices of people I knew weren’t alive.” Patti tried to forget the experience, but in 2002, while taking a class on Transformational Healing, the teacher recognized her gifts and encouraged her to use them. 

Since 2004, Patti has been an active and much sought after medium – leading workshops and holding readings throughout the northeast.

 Patti says, “As a full time medium and spiritual teacher, it is my belief that the gift that I have to communicate with the consciousness of those who are no longer in their physical bodies helps to bridge the gap between this life and the next. I am humbled each and every day when I am able to reunite people with those that they are missing. It is a magical and blessed event!”
Come  to the Ivoryton Playhouse for an evening you will never forget!  Why not treat Mom to an early Mother’s Day night out?

To book tickets, call 860.767.7318 or visit
Book early to avoid disappointment.

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