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Michael McDermott is currently starring in The Irish...And How They Got That Way

With the Playhouse reaching 100 years old and the realization that I am getting to be a part of the tradition and celebration of “A Century on Stage”, my mind goes back to but only 6 years ago when I walked up the frontsteps to this great building.  This historic place has housed so many talented people, burning to create and bring forth passion, imagination, laughter, tears and honor the gift and opportunity that any performer gets when graced with the chance to be on stage. 

Returning to the Playhouse now for the fourth time – and at such an exciting time – fills my heart with gratitude and joy.  There is an electrifying feeling in the air for the Playhouse this year.  Led by an incredible and devoted staff, I feel all the “stars” have lined up to carry this historic place into the next century.  I wish to offer thoughts of love, a playful heart, excitement, passion, respect and homage to a place that has given just that back to it’s amazing audience – grateful patrons who fill the seats to share in all the magic that happens here every night, every year.

So to the Ivoryton Playhouse, I wish you many great opening nights and stellar runs.  To all who get to perform here in the next 100 years, bring your heart and soul to its’ stage.  It’s the least we can do for her, for she has certainly never let us down.

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