Job Openings as of 02/02/23

Ivoryton Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Job Title: Technical Director
Start Date: As soon as available
Salary Range: $45,000-$55,000 full time/ part time schedule is also available

Summary of Position:

As a vital member of the production team of Ivoryton Playhouse, the TECHNICAL DIRECTOR (TD) is responsible for many aspects of every show produced in Ivoryton. The TD is responsible for transforming the set designs into technical drawings and a completed set, while ensuring a safe acting/working space for actors and staff onstage, in the shop and any storage locations

Essential functions of the position:

• Supervise and coordinate scene shop operations, tools, equipment and maintenance. Manage Shop/Production staff, primary build and load-in crew.

• Oversee engineering, construction, installation, strike and storage of scenic elements for all productions, special events and other projects.

• Work within scenic budget estimates for each production based on designers’ drawings. • Analyze, review and discuss scenic design drawings with Designer, Director of Production, Production Team, Artistic Leadership. Coordinate with management and scenic designer to accommodate changes to set designs as required to maintain budget and safety considerations. Identify technical or budgetary challenges in preliminary designs, advise designers of theater capabilities and limitations, suggest alternatives as needed.

• Create construction/technical drawings based on design drawing package; assign and supervise projects. Actively participate in the construction and installation of scenery, rigging, painting, and props (as needed).

• Identify and provide/build rehearsal furniture or scenic prop elements as needed. • Determine materials and equipment needed for set construction

• Coordinate delivery (lumber, steel, etc.) and necessary labor to receive materials. • Coordinate and manage staff and outside labor.

• Coordinate and collaborate with Production Team to determine the means by which technical elements of a production are executed. Integrate lighting, sound and set designs to identify and resolve any instances of potential equipment placement/operation conflicts.

• Work with Production Staff to develop a build and load-in schedule to ensure that the completed set, lighting and sound systems are in place by the first technical rehearsal. • In partnership with the Director of Production, track expenses and labor/overhire hours weekly.

• Maintain the set and technical elements during the run of the show.

• Communicate regularly with Production Stage Manager, respond to rehearsal notes and performance reports. Ensure notes are completed.

• Work with Facilities Manager to maintain and repair all scene shop and theatre areas, as well as tools, equipment, materials and theatre stock.

• Maintain and update house technical drawings and designer information packet. • Maintain show archive to include most current paperwork, audio, Q-lab, and other show related files provided by other departments. • Coordinate and supervise pickup and delivery of elements in scenic/prop storage as needed

• Work with the Facilities Manager in delegating and executing general preventative maintenance.

• A strong commitment to artistic excellence, good and effective communication skills, dependability, flexibility, proficiency, and excellent team building skills.

• Other duties may be assigned upon review with the employee and their supervisor in response to unforeseen or unknown developments.

Required Education and Experience:

Minimum 3-5 years technical theatre experience

Bachelor’s degree in Technical Theater or related field; OR, any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.

Supervisory experience leading team members of varying skill levels and aptitudes.

Knowledge of industry safety standards and protocols.

Confident knowledge of theatrical production and processes, including new trends and innovation.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Must have advanced knowledge of the following: standard theatrical scenery construction principles and practices; the use and maintenance of power tools; and awareness of OSHA safety practices in the operation of construction tools and materials, rigging, theatrical lighting, audio, scenic painting.

Be able to read and interpret design drafting and working drawings

Must possess computer proficiency skills. Google applications.

Must be able to create shop construction drawings from design documents.

Prior managerial experience, supervising professional and intern/volunteer crews. Possess excellent written, oral, verbal communication skills, and be agile in managing time, people and projects in complex situations.

Ability to drive and operate a truck.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:

Primary working area is shop and theater; secondary is production office.

Ability to lift a reasonable amount of weight.

Sitting for extended periods of time.

Standing for extended periods of time.

Use of power tools and work in scene shop as needed.

Ability to climb ladders, work overhead and in cramped spaces sometimes required.

Valid driver’s license required.

To Apply: Please send resume, cover letter and references to and type Technical Director in the subject line. Search will remain open until the position is filled. Ivoryton Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Job Title: Props  
Start Date:  March 1, 2023 (flexible)
Salary Range: $1000 per show 

The Designer agrees to render such services usually associated with the term Prop Designer, including but not limited to: 

  • Provide rehearsal props to be used from the start of the rehearsal process 
  • Designs should be able to be realized within the budget limitations provided by the Playhouse. 
  • Procure, alter and/or construct props. 
  • Procure or help procure set decoration and furniture pieces in accordance to the vision of both Director and Designer. 
  • Attendance at production meetings, as called, with producer, production manager, and director to present design plans and determine the feasibility of accomplishing them within the budgetary and personnel limitations. 
  • Check in with the Director, Production Manager, and Stage Manager on a regular basis to report progress or problems with design execution. 
  • To be available during technical rehearsals and previews to supervise and or execute final completion or changes of the Props plot.

To Apply: Please send resume, cover letter and references to and type Props in the subject line. Search will remain open until the position is filled. Ivoryton Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Job Title: Master Electrician for Legend of Georgia McBride  
Start Date:  March 1, 2023 (flexible)
Reports to: Technical Director/ Production Designer 

Position Overview / Summary 

Master Electrician is responsible for implementing the lighting design for a production as drawn up by the Lighting designer. This involves overseeing the preparation, hanging, connection and focusing of stage lighting fixtures. 

Specific Responsibilities / Essential Job Functions 

  • Hang, focus and color of all instruments on the lighting plot provided by the lighting designer 
  • Put together and coordinate any rental package required for the production as indicated on the lighting plot provided by the lighting designer 
  • Inventory, repair and maintenance of all lighting fixtures, cables, effects, power distribution dimmers and the lighting board 
  • Organization and purchasing of all consumables including lamps, gel, china markers, sharpies, JD tape tie line and gaff tape 
  • Planning and implementing of any and all cabling of lights and any electrical power distribution.  
  • Documenting and tracking of all circuitry, addressing, and system configuration in cooperation with the Lighting Designer.  
  • Patching assignments of the control console based on the paperwork generated by the Lighting Designer. 
  • Implementation of any and all practicals and effects required for the Production coordinated with the Technical Director, Stage Manager, Scenic Designer and Lighting Designer 
  • Responsible for any rigging a production may require as coordinated with the Technical director and production Designer 
  • Provide any lighting or power distribution that may be needed for other events in and around the playhouse.  

Requirements / Skills / Qualifications  

Basic Knowledge of Electrical systems 

Extensive knowledge of Theatrical Lighting Systems and Effects 

Knowledge of ETC control systems and programing 

Ability to lift over 25lbs 

Ability to walk up stairs 

Ability to work on ladders 

Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve  

Knowledge of Microsoft Office  

Knowledge of Vector Works, and Light Wright drafting programs  

Communicate with lighting designer  

B.S. Industry Technology / Technical Theatre 

Other Skills/Abilities 

  • Theatrical Construction 
  • Rigging 
  • Lighting Design 
  • Drafting  
  • Computer Drafting  
  • Drivers license  

To Apply: Please send resume, cover letter and references to and type Master Electrician in the subject line. Search will remain open until the position is filled. Ivoryton Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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