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Artistic / Executive Director Jacqui Hubbard lead the proceedings

The Ivoryton Playhouse held it’s Annual Meeting of the membership on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Over 120 people attended the event where the membership voted on the 2019 slate of officers and awards were presented:

Board President Al Jaffe









2019 Slate of Officers:

Al Jaffe – President
Bonnie Stone – Vice President
Norm Needleman – Treasurer
Susan Oirglia – Secretary


Volunteer of the year:  Doris Simoneau
Community Partner of the year:  Chris Shane, Ivoryton Village Alliance
Presidents Award:  Noah Rice

The staff and crew of the Playhouse did their best

The great volunteers of the Membership Committee

Doris Simoneau

Chris Shane

















To view a copy of the 2018 Ivoryton Playhouse Annual Report please click here.




Our thanks to the members of the Membership Committee:

Chair:  Bonnie Stone

Ann Bates
David Carey
Maggie Faulkner
Kim Galvin
Jacqui Hubbard
Joan Hurworth
Dick Katz
Carol MacElwee
Heather Martin
Krista May
Diane Miezejeski
Holly Price
Doris Simoneau
Fred Szufnarowski
Peggy Tuttle
Claudia Volano



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