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Resident Stage Manager T. Rick Jones writes:

“One of the unique things about Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash is how many instruments there are.  The cast consists of nine performers, each of whom plays a multitude of noisemakers.  At the latest count, there are 8 acoustic guitars, including a Dobro, each of which carries a descriptive moniker, such as “Taylor”, “Dollar Bill” and “Li’l Red” (so we know which one we’re talking about when), 1 electric guitar, 5 harmonicas, a washboard, an accordion, an upright bass, a set of drums, the Cub Scout Bass (which I wrote about last week), a fiddle, an autoharp, keyboards, a banjo, a ukulele, a jaw harp, a tambourine and a fan whistle shaped like a large pair of red lips! But that’s not all! You can make music with just about anything, and our cast does! They use spoons, plates, pots, ladles, buckets, chains and a folding metal chair! You’ve never seen anything like this on our stage! It isn’t just a musical; it’s an experience!”

Ring of Fire:  The Music of Johnny Cash opens next Wednesday, August 10th.  For tickets, please call our box office 860.767.7318 or visit this website to purchase on-line.

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