Building the Future – a Capital Campaign for Growth Starting in 2024



A Message from Executive / Artistic Director, Jacqui Hubbard:

The Ivoryton Playhouse has a rich and colorful story – its roots run deep in the cultural history of this area. The foundations were laid over 113 years ago when the building was constructed for the use and enjoyment of this community. Over the years, we have built upon that foundation, creating a cultural landmark not only for this area but also for the entire state.

We must now turn our gaze to the future and make plans to build on those foundations – not only for the continued life of the Ivoryton Playhouse but also as an investment in the future of American theatre.

In 2024, you will be hearing more about a capital campaign, “Building the Future“, that will support the construction of a new building in Ivoryton, providing much needed rehearsal and storage space. Supported in large part by the State of Connecticut, we will need to raise $250,000 to help complete the project.

If you would like to make a donation right now, you can visit our website and click the red DONATE NOW button at the top of our homepage.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of Ivoryton Playhouse and sharing our vision of a vibrant future for the arts in Connecticut.

With gratitude to the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development and the Office of the Arts.

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