(A new musical based on the concept album Exodus by Jeff Blaney)

Music and lyrics by Jeff Blaney – Book by Lawrence Thelen

EPAs by video submission

Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton, CT

SPT Tier 6 – $520 minimum

Director – Jacqueline Hubbard

Musical Director – Jeff Blaney

First rehearsal – March 15, 2022;
Opens – April 7, 2022;
Closes May 1, 2022

6 shows a week. Performance schedule:

First week – Thursday 2pm & 7:30pm; Friday 8pm; Saturday 2pm & 8pm; Sunday 2pm.

Next 3 weeks – Wednesday 2pm & 7:30pm; Thursday 7:30pm; Friday 8pm; Saturday 8pm; Sunday 2pm.

Videos will be accepted from December 1 – 30, 2021

Music of the show is in the style of traditional Irish and also gospel/blues.

Please submit a 2- 3 minute video that shows vocal performance and also instrumental performance if possible. 


All actors play musical instruments, sing, and act various characters. The possibility exists that instrumentation may be swapped depending upon casting.

  1. SEAN – male, 25-35, baritone/tenor (C3-E3), plays mandolin, guitar and banjo. A likeable and engaging Irish storyteller. Charismatic and attractive. Irish accent.
  2. CHLOE – African-American female, 25-35, alto (G3-C5), plays (or is willing to learn) simple harmonica. A strong-willed, confident, attractive, young Southern woman. Southern accent.
  3. BRODY DOYLE (et al) – male, 30-55, baritone (D3-E3), plays bass. An older character actor. Jovial yet serious. Plays multiple other roles. Irish accent.
  4. JAMES MURPHY (et al) – male, 25-40, baritone/tenor (D3-E3), plays guitar. A likeable, comic, young character. Plays multiple other roles. Irish accent.
  5. LUKE (et al) – male, 20 -35, baritone (D3-E3), plays fiddle. A young, optimistic youth who is both wide-eyed and serious. Plays multiple other roles. Irish accent.
  6. UNCLE LEWIS (et al) – African-American male, 30-55, baritone (E3-F#4), plays drums. An older, devout, grounded leader. Plays multiple other roles. Southern accent

To download a copy of “Amazing Grace” sheet music, please follow this link.

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