AUDITIONS – Local Auditions for “FLASHDANCE” – Saturday, February 8th

Flashdance:  The Musical
Music by Robbie Roth, Lyrics by Robert Cary and Robbie Roth, and Book by Tom Hedley

Ivoryton –EPAs by appointment
Ivoryton Playhouse    Ivoryton, CT

Audition Date
Saturday, February 8th, 2020
10-6pm  (lunch break 1-2pm) 

Ivoryton Playhouse Rehearsal Studio
22 Main Street
Centerbrook, CT 06409 

Personnel in attendance
Director: Todd Underwood
Musical Director: Michael Morris
Artistic Director: Jacqueline Hubbard
Associate Artistic Director: Dan Nischan 

Other Dates
First Rehearsal:  June 9th
Open:  June 24
Close:  July 26th 

Performance schedule:
Wed and Sun 2pm/ Wed and Thurs 7:30pm/ Fri and Sat 8pm

Contract SPT
$550 week 

Sixteen bars pop/rock. 


ALEXANDRA “ALEX” OWENS (19-21) A steel worker and an aspiring dancer. Strong singer with a pop sensibility, (G# below middle C to E).

NICK HURLEY (Mid/Late 20’s) The son of the owner of Hurley’s Steel. Strong singer, with good pop sensibility, high baritone.

GLORIA (mid-late 20s) Waitress at Harry’s Bar. Dancer with belt, very good pop sensibility, strong low chest voice (F below middle C to high E),

KIKI (20s-30s) Dancer at Harry’s Bar with a strong belt. (F below middle C to high E), African American

TESS (30s-40s) Dancer at Harry’s Bar. Strong Rock and Roll vocal sensibility. (F below middle C to high E)

HARRY (40s-60s) Owner of Harry’s Bar. Baritone.

JIMMY (20s) Harry’s nephew. An aspiring stand-up comic, strong singer (think a young Billy Joel), high baritenor.

HANNAH (50’s-60’s) A retired dancer, Alex’s Champion. Great sense of humor and down-to-earth, take-no-prisoners point of view, physically in decline with an undimmed passion for dance. Traditional musical theater character belt. Does not dance but should be able to carry herself like a dancer.

LOUISE (30s-40s) Nurse and home aid for Hannah, deadpan sensibility, is excellent at her job and devoted to her client despite her dry humor. Alto.

C.C./Ensemble (30s-40s) The sleazy proprietor of The Chameleon Club. Baritone. Strong singer.

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