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So, you think running a 100 year old Playhouse is easy?  This was Monday……

8:00am      Set up rehearsal room

9:00am      Rehearsals start for How The Other Half Loves – six actors including 
                    Playhouse Executive Director Jacqui Hubbard and Company Manager
                    Beverley Taylor
                    Phones start to ring for The Irish tickets – last week of performances!
                    Audition announcement for The Producers gets posted on line – character
                    breakdown consists of 16 characters – hundreds of phone calls expected

12:00pm    Production meeting for Barefoot in The Park with director Bruce Connelly

1:00pm     Actors start to arrive for Barefoot in The Park auditions

2:00pm    Auditions for Barefoot in the Park – 60 actors in five minute intervals
– 8:00pm

The next time you see Jacqui Hubbard or Beverley Taylor – give them a hug.  Better yet, come and see them perform in How the Other Half Loves opening April 13.  They deserve your support!!

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