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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The first of three cabaret nights at the Ivoryton Playhouse has just been announced:

Guilford resident Michael P. Cartwright will entertain audiences with his cabaret revue” I Hear Music” on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Local audiences have enjoyed his performances at Goodspeed Musicals, River Rep, Summer Theatre of New Canaan, and Ivoryton Playhouse.  Cartwright has also appeared in productions at Arden Theatre in Philadelphia and Delaware Theatre Company.  He made his New York debut in 2003 at the famous cabaret landmark Don’t Tell Mama, and studied at the Cabaret Conference at Yale University. 

“I Hear Music” will be an entertaining evening that examines how music shapes and influences lives – don’t miss this special one-night-only event.

 Admission is $20.

For more information on Michael Cartwright and who else will be performing please click here.  For tickets, contact the Ivoryton Playhouse at (860) 767-7318.

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Believe us when we say that The Producers is going to be a huge show!  So big, that we are still looking for a few larger props.  Can you help us source these items???

-A large-ish red tricycle

-A violin

-A chaise lounge – longer than 4 feet

-2 matching simple coat racks, may we paint one white?

-2 6′ lengths of Sonotube w/ a 1′ diameter

-2 hot plates, may we paint one white?

-2 large ledgers – must be big

-1 large white scrollwork, lace-like outdoor bench

-An empty hair paste container

-A pitch pipe

If you can help, please send an email to


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 You know it’s going to be good when the Director cries “We need more handcuffs!” 

The Producers is shaping up to be the hit musical of the summer!  Early word is the show is spectacular with a cast of 20 and some of the most ambitious sets ever attempted at the Playhouse.  And the tap dancing!!  There is choreographed dancing in this show that has never been seen on the Ivoryton stage before. 

The buzz is building…..don’t miss your chance to see this hilarious show.  Just like Buddy Holly last year, tickets are going fast – get yours today.

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Bring the kids and spend Fridays at the Playhouse!

Performances Fridays at 11:00am
All tickets $12.00 available in advance or on the door on the day
For more info, please call 860.767.7318


July 15th:  THE LOVE BUG’S HUG
Allynn Gooen and Annie Hickman combine their creative talents into an extraordinary theatrical experience.  Allynn uses balloons to create helicopters, airplanes, and more, to the audience on a search to cheer up a sad princess.  Annie’s colorful creatures become their guides.

Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents Puppets Do Poetry.  A symphony composed entirely by goldfish!  The adventures of “Fearless Flying Hotdogs!”  Dance with the “Funky Snowman”!  A fusion of poetry and puppetry including Jack Prelutsky’s “The Goblin” as well as other poems. 

July 29th:  BEAR TALES
Produced by the Madhatters Theater Company.

August 12th:  BUBBLEMANIA!
Back by popular demand and tickets going fast!   Casey Carle performs tricky undulations, manipulations and juggling with bubbles.  This is a bubble show to keep the 5 to 75 year-olds mesmerized.   

August 19th:  CLASS CLOWN
Hartford Children’s Theatre comes to Ivoryton for this special performance.    Lucas is the most rambunctious pupil in Mrs. Hockaday’s fourth grade class. He races pencils, cracks jokes, and always forgets to raise his hand. When his teacher sends home a note, Lucas vows to behave, though most of his good intentions quickly go awry.  Based on the book by Johanna Hurwitz.

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Barefoot in the Park closed this weekend with full houses on both Saturday and Sunday.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to Sean, Kathleen, Buzz, Katrina, Tom and Dan for their great performances!

Our Centennial Season continues with The Producers opening Wednesday, July 6.

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Playhouse Musical Director extraordinaire, John DeNicola, is putting the finishing touches to his schedule of Monday evening Cabaret at the Playhouse.  Starting Monday, July 18, the Playhouse will be filled with music and song with maybe a little comedy and dance thrown in.  Check our website for the latest details on who will be performing when and then join us for a relaxing evening of entertainment.

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Last chance to see Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park at the Ivoryton Playhouse.  Final shows this week – Wednesday 22 (2pm & 7:30pm), Thursday 23 (7:30pm), Friday 24 (8pm), Saturday 25 (8pm) and Sunday 26 (2pm).  Don’t miss this light hearted romantic romp!

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What’s the difference between an Ulla and a Bialystock?  Don’t know your Liebkind from your DeBris?  Well, you soon will!  Rehearsals started today for The Producers – one of our biggest productions in recent years.  Director Julia Kiley was on hand today along with 18 members of the cast.  Paperwork was filled in!  Scripts and music were distributed!  Schedules were created!  Brownies were eaten (thanks, Jacqui!)!  The Producers is going to be the absolute must see of the summer!  Tickets on sale now!

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An Old Favorite with New Energy
By Lauren Yarger

If you feel like you have seen enough productions of Neil Simon’s oft-produced comedy Barefoot in the Park , think again….to read more follow this link:


*   *   *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *    *    *     *    *    *    *     *     *     *


Question to ponder:  Can a flighty, fancy-free, head-in-the-clouds romantic girl find happiness with a feet-firmly-on-the-ground, conservative, fact-finding attorney?  Neil Simon considers the conundrum in his sweetly adorable comedy “Barefoot in the Park” currently delighting audiences at the Ivoryton Playhouse until Sunday, June 26.


Married six days, Corie, an energetic, eager, enthusiastic, excited, exhilarated and effervescent Kathleen Mulready, can’t wait to occupy her first apartment as a bride.  The fact that it is a fifth floor walk-up, six if you count the front stoop, doesn’t faze her in the least.  She floats on a cloud of love. 

Not so much the telephone repair man (Tom Libonate) or the Lord and Taylor delivery man (DanCoyle) who almost have coronaries by the top stair.  Needless to say, new hubby Paul, a reliable, realistic, reasonable, responsible, respectable and reputable Sean Patrick Hopkins, has a few adjustments to make in the marriage and attorney departments.  His rose colored glasses have yet to arrive.  He has to try his first case tomorrow and he is “trapped” in his new home, without furniture (no bed for his weary head), or heat (it’s February), no bathtub (he hates showers), a closet with running water, and a hole in the skylight (he has to shovel snow indoors).


Add to that the fact that all the tenants are wildly strange, not the least of whom is Victor Velasco, a suavely exotic Buzz Roddy.  He lives above them and has to enter his space by climbing out their bedroom window and using their window ledge, because he’s four months behind in his rent. 

When Corie’s mother, a valiant Katrina Ferguson, arrive unexpectedly, panting and puffing, Corie’s matchmaking skills ignite to hilarious results.  R. Bruce Connelly directs this thoroughly entertaining romp with a lighthearted touch.


For tickets ($40, seniors $35, $20 students, $15 children), call the Ivoryton Playhouse, 103 Main Street, Ivoryton at 860-767-7318 or online at  Performances are Wednesday at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., with a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. 

This is Ivoryton Playhouse’s 100th birthday year.  Take a ride in the country to celebrate summer at this lovely theater venue.


Let Corie and Paul teach you some of marriage’s basic rules as they learn the art of communication and compromise in that special language called love.

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Check out this amazing article in GRACE magazine article on our own Jacqui Hubbard.  In the printed magazine there is a full page photo of her peaking around the curtain at the Playhouse.  Thank you GRACE magazine for this terrific profile!


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