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Our thanks to Outthink for producing this terrific video for The 39 Steps!

Can four actors play 150 roles in a single performance? They can and do in The 39 Steps, now playing at the Ivoryton Playhouse. During 100 madcap minutes, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud as you watch dashing hero Richard Hannay, played by Dan Fenaughty, race across England and Scotland trying to solve the mystery of the 39 steps. All this while trying to clear his name! Murder, mayhem and some good old-fashioned romance ensue as he is chased across the British countryside.

Larissa Klinger, David Edwards and Jonathon Brody round out this brilliant ensemble, switching from one ridiculous character to the next, often in the blink of an eye. Their virtuoso performances will keep you in stiches as you follow this fast-paced, off-the-charts funny whodunit to its death-defying finale!

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