B. Brian Argotsinger (William Detweiler); Bill Kux (Frank Foster) and Alanna Wilson (Mary Detweiler) in How The Other Half Loves playing at the Ivoryton Playhouse until May 1 - Photos courtesy of Anne Hudson


Alanna Wilson (Mary Detweiler) and B. Brian Argotsinger (William Detweiler)


Beverley Taylor (Theresa Phillips) and Jacqui Hubbard (Fiona Foster) in How The Other Half Loves

Beverley Taylor (Theresa Phillips) and Nick Stevenson (Bob Phillips)


The brilliant cast of How The Other Half Loves

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2 Responses to Brit Com How The Other Half Loves Opens Today – Photos

  1. Bob & Chris Walsh says:

    We caught the play last night(4-16). It was a terrific performance to celebrate the 100th year at Ivoryton Theater! An amazing play with a “perfect” cast to accomplish a most unique presentation of THE delightfully Brit comedy, “How the Other Half Loves”!! Please thank everyone involved in the production of this wonderful comedy, for a “most” enjoyable evening…
    ps.. Beverley & Jacqui you were brilliant!

  2. Bob & Chris Walsh says:

    We saw the play last night (4-16). What an amazing play to make a part of the 100th Celebration of Ivoryton Playhouse. It was a delight to see the “unique” presentation, of “How the Other Half Loves”, develop! The cast was superior (couldn’t have been better). It was truly one of the best plays we’ve seen at Ivoryton. Thank you for a “most” enjoyable evening.

    ps… Beverley & Jacqui you were both terrific

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