Bruce Connelly, Director of Barefoot in the Park (opening June 8), asks this question:

Which park does Corie want to walk barefoot in?

a)  Central Park

b) Riverside Park

c) Washington Square Park

d) Our parking lot

Leave your answer in a comment.  The winner of a limited edition Ivoryton Playhouse Centennial Season t-shirt will be chosen from all the correct entries received by 12:00noon on Wednesday, June 8 (the opening day of our production of Barefoot in the Park).  The winner will be contacted by email.  Good luck!

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13 Responses to Competition Time! Win a Playhouse Centennial T-Shirt…

  1. david dyson says:

    Washington Square Park

  2. John forcello says:

    Wahington Square Park in Greenich village

  3. John forcello says:

    Washington Square Park in Greenich Village

  4. Marcia Tracy says:

    Centeral Park

  5. Mark Woodard says:

    Washington Sq Park

  6. Danny Kirkwood says:

    Washington Square Park!
    Pretty sure I’m disqualified from this competition

  7. Judie McCann says:

    Washington Square Park

  8. Juliette Nazro says:

    I remember seeng Barefoot in the Park a very long time ago. Loved it then and am looking forward to seeing it on your stage. Have loved every production since we started coming in 2010. Happy 100th Birthday Ivoryton. Your celebration was well deserved.

  9. Juliette Nazro says:

    I would be good to post the answer… Washington Square Park

  10. Pat Zimmer says:

    Washington Square Park

  11. Kim Nemeth-Hardy says:

    Washington Square Park!! Loved the movie, hope to see you at the show!!

  12. Jaime Allesandrine says:

    Corie wants to walk barefoot in (c) Washington Square Park.

  13. mary poile says:

    LOVED the show! c) Washington Square Park

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