Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees & Officers  2014

President – Suzy Burke

– Susan Origlia
Vice President
– Lamar LeMonte
– Norman Needleman

Executive Director
– Jacqueline Hubbard

Trustees – Class of 2016

Harry Evert
William Jacaruso

Trustees – Class of 2015

Bill Chatman
Ralph Guardiano
Laura Martino
Hank McInerney
Norman Needleman
Susan Origlia
Bonnie Stone

Trustees – Class of 2014

Suzy Burke
Joseph Ettore
Harvey Hoberman
Lamar LeMonte

Trustees – Class of 2013

Carol MacElwee
Paula Merrick


Life Trustees: Jacqueline Hubbard & Peg Quirin

Honorary Historians: Henry Josten & Brenda Milkofsky

Legal Counsel: W. Campbell Hudson III

Honorary Life Members: John and Judy Bell, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Betteridge, Centerbrook Architects, Sherry and Herb Clark, Frederick Crosby, John and Linda Cunningham, 
Eileen and Jim Daily, Emily H. Termaine Foundation, Essex Savings Bank, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gentile, Mr. and Mrs. William Grover, The Hall Foundation, Ian Hubbard, Pat Joseph, Josephine Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. George J. Michel, George and Sally Mayer, Fran Messina, Middlsex Mutual Insurance Co., Walter Pierson, Alice Pinsince, Annlee Sortland, Lucy Weed, Mr. and Mrs. William Winterer, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Wyeth.


Ivoryton Playhouse Foundation, 103 Main Street, PO Box 458, Ivoryton, CT  06442

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