2017 Annual Meeting and Annual Report



2017 Annual Report

A festive sheet cake thanked our generous members

The annual meeting of the Ivoryton Playhouse Foundation was held on March 27, 2018 with over 130 people in attendance. Guests were entertained during a buffet dinner by the young leads from The Fantasticks. The business meeting began at 6:45 p.m. with a welcome from Artistic/Executive Director Jacqui Hubbard, who invited Paula Merrick, Chair of the Board of Trustees; Krista May, Managing Director; and Dan Nischan Associate Artistic Director, to join her on stage. Paula gave brief opening remarks highlighting the past year. The entirety of the President’s Message was printed in the 2017 Annual Report, copies of which were distributed to all present (click on the link above to view a copy).

Dick Katz, Fred Szufnarkowski and David Carey tend bar

Jacqui and Krista continued the business portion of the agenda. Jacqui thanked all current board members for their service and asked Trustees present to stand. Jacqui reported the resignation of Peter Amos and Lamar LeMonte from the board. Krista presented the names of two new Trustees standing for election as follows: Carly Callahan and Bill French. The slate of officers for the 2018 year was announced. Krista then asked for the proxies to be delivered and called for any additional nominations from the floor. There being none, Joe Ettore moved the election of the proposed new Trustees to the board, and Al Jaffe seconded. The motion was approved by acclamation.

Doris Simoneau, Paula Merrick and Peggy Tuttle helped serve

Krista touched briefly on successes of the past year announcing the theater running at 87% capacity and the attendance of over 33,400 people coming through our doors! She announced that the membership of the foundation now stands at 811 with 57 of those being new members to the Ivoryton.

Jacqui presented the President’s Award to Laura Copland for her vision and commitment in the launching of the Women Playwrights Initiative.

Two additional awards were presented:
(1) Community Partnership of the Year: Dave Fowler and Bikes for Kids
(2) Volunteer of the Year: John Steindl who faithfully attends to our marquee signage in front of the theatre.

Ann Bates and Heather Martin welcomed guests

Krista then gave special mention to our corporate sponsors and also recognized the continuing support of Cynthia Clegg at the Middlesex County Community Foundation whose assistance has been invaluable in contributing to the success of many Playhouse programs.

Jacqui then announced that the “Making Space” endowment campaign had now reached the $1million mark. With this announcement Jacqui launched the public phase of the campaign which is hoped to achieve another $500,000. She also reported on ways donors will be recognized for their contributions. A new planned giving program for the Playhouse and the formation of an “Ovation Society” was announced. Jacqui extended special recognition to founding members of the “Ovation Society” by asking those present who have made this commitment to stand.

Jacqui proceeded with introductions of members of the Playhouse staff and crew, including the newly appointed Associate Artistic Director, Todd Underwood and Resident Musical Director, Michael Morris. Jacqui then turned over the floor to Dan Nischan who presented a “behind the curtain” peek into the work that goes into designing a set. Dan discussed the creation of his Gillette Castle style set design and the production of the set for The Game’s Afoot – a show presented at the Playhouse in November 2017.

Finally, Jacqui presented a brief overview of the lineup for the 2018 season and concluded by announcing the continuation of the very successful “Playhouse on the Shore” series in partnership with Water’s Edge. Tours of the theatre where then offered, led by Noah Rice.

On behalf of the board of trustees, staff and crew of the Playhouse thank you to all our subscribers and members for supporting our theatre.


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