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Auditions for Shear Madness will be held at the Ivoryton Playhouse Rehearsal Studio, 22 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT

On Monday, April 29th from noon – 8pm

All roles open. AEA and AEA eligible.

Please prepare a 2 minute contemporary comic monologue. No accent.


Auditions by appointment only.  Email or call 860-767-9520 ext 207.

Directed by Bob Lohrmann

First rehearsal: September 3
First performance – September 18
Close – October 6, 2019

All roles are paid.

Character Breakdown

BARBARA DEMARCO. (Age range 23-39.)
A wise-cracking, gum-snapping, nail polishing hairdresser. Very dishy and put together, though on the cheap side.

MIKEY THOMAS (Age range 23-30.) A preppy-looking, eager-beaver who’s a capable and earnest undercover cop. Gets his hair washed and blown dry at every performance. It may need to be cut by a professional.

TONY WHITCOMB .  (Age range 25-40.)  is the flamboyant, irrepressible proprietor of the Shear Madness salon. He is fun, devilish, interesting, passionate and a real character.  He must not be jaded in any way.  His “shoot from the hip” comedy must endear him to all.  He must be able to do the physical comedy easily and with great flair. Must love “playing for an audience”.  He must love creating and executing merriment, and mirth.

EDDIE LAWRENCE  (Age range: 30-45). A well-dressed, nice-looking confidence man who covers a dangerous interior with a smooth, suave, and occasionally charming exterior.

NICK ROSSETTI (or NICK JOHNSON or TOM O’BRIEN depending on ethnic background). (Age range: 30-40). A hardworking “gumshoe” detective.  A bright, quick thinking, personable character actor who can also be an excellent straight man.  It requires an actor who is not intimidated by a boisterous audience. It requires a good looking, masculine actor with a solid voice and solid acting skills who can learn the dynamics that will keep the investigation on track.      

MRS. SHUBERT (Age range: 45-70) An old-money Washington socialite of impeccable breeding and manner. She must speak with natural— not artificial— cultured tones.  She can really turn on the charm when needed. At her finest she’s a real class act.

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The story that broke all the rules –

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
by Todd Kriedler

April 24 – May 12, 2019











Ivoryton – When the movie, GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER, began filming in March 1967, it was still illegal for interracial couples to marry in fourteen states, mostly in the South. Changing attitudes in the country and the landmark case Loving v. Virginia coincided with the production of the movie and by the end of the year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Mr. and Mrs. Loving, ruling that marriage is a fundamental human right and effectively ending all anti-miscegenation marriage laws in America.

The Ivoryton Playhouse is thrilled to present this adaptation of the movie by Todd Kriedler, opening on April 24. Set in San Francisco in 1967, the play focuses on Matt and Christina Drayton, a progressive couple whose daughter, Joanna arrives home unexpectedly with her fiancé, Dr. John Prentice, an African American doctor 11 years her senior. They’re in love and they want the Draytons’ blessing for their marriage – today.  Blindsided by their daughter’s whirlwind romance and fearful for her future, Matt and Christina quickly come to realize the difference between reading about and supporting a mixed-race couple in your newspaper and welcoming one into your family. It’s not long before a multi-family clash of racial and generational difference erupts.  At the end of the day, will love prevail?

This thought-provoking comedy classic is a witty and insightful reflection on two families confronted by their prejudices.

Taking on the iconic role of Matt Drayton, made famous by Spencer Tracy, is Gordon Clapp*, best known as the Emmy-winning, Tony-nominated actor who charmed audiences as Det. Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue (1993) and as loudmouth instigator Dave Moss in the 2005 Tony Award-winning Broadway revival of David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross (1992). Kaia Monroe*, who is an Associate Professor and Chair of Theatre at SCSU will play his wife, Christina and the rest of the cast include Richarda Abrams*, Cedric Cannon*, R. Bruce Connelly*, Krista Lucas, Marc D. Lyons, Kimberlee Monroe* and Katelyn Nichols.

The play is directed by Kathryn Markey, set design by Daniel Nischan, lighting design by Marcus Abbott and costumes by Elizabeth Saylor.

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER opens at the Ivoryton Playhouse on April 24 and runs through May 12, 2019. Performance times are Wednesday and Sunday matinees at 2pm. Evening performances are Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. There will be one Thursday matinee on April 25th.

Tickets are $55 adult / $50 senior / $25 student / $20 children 12 and are available by calling the Playhouse box office at 860-767-7318 or by visiting our website at  (Group rates and subscriptions are available by calling the box office for information.) The Playhouse is located at 103 Main Street in Ivoryton.

Photo – Gordon Clapp

*denotes member of Actors Equity

Members of the press are welcome at any performance after April 25th.  Please call ahead for tickets.

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Artistic / Executive Director Jacqui Hubbard lead the proceedings

The Ivoryton Playhouse held it’s Annual Meeting of the membership on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Over 120 people attended the event where the membership voted on the 2019 slate of officers and awards were presented:

Board President Al Jaffe









2019 Slate of Officers:

Al Jaffe – President
Bonnie Stone – Vice President
Norm Needleman – Treasurer
Susan Oirglia – Secretary


Volunteer of the year:  Doris Simoneau
Community Partner of the year:  Chris Shane, Ivoryton Village Alliance
Presidents Award:  Noah Rice

The staff and crew of the Playhouse did their best

The great volunteers of the Membership Committee

Doris Simoneau

Chris Shane

















To view a copy of the 2018 Ivoryton Playhouse Annual Report please click here.




Our thanks to the members of the Membership Committee:

Chair:  Bonnie Stone

Ann Bates
David Carey
Maggie Faulkner
Kim Galvin
Jacqui Hubbard
Joan Hurworth
Dick Katz
Carol MacElwee
Heather Martin
Krista May
Diane Miezejeski
Holly Price
Doris Simoneau
Fred Szufnarowski
Peggy Tuttle
Claudia Volano



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